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Month: July 2014

Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Hi all! Here is a tasty breakfast (or lunch or dinner!) recipe that is easy and best of all, healthy!

You can make these ahead of time and stick them in the fridge or freezer and then just pop 1 or 2 in the microwave when you’re ready to eat!











These muffins can be modified depending on what ingredients you and your family like. You can put any vegetables in them as well as some meat and cheese for the kiddos! You can also add fresh herbs or other spices. Some of my favorites are fresh basil, cilantro and curry powder! When you add herbs and spices you won’t need salt at all.

Try them out and let me know what you put in them!


Per muffin: Cal 54, Fat 2g, Carbs 3g, Protein 6g, Sodium 72mg, Sugar 1g


Rural Running

I normally try to get up and run in the mornings to beat the heat but yesterday I was lazy and didn’t get up. So that meant I was going to have to run that evening in the heat.


photo 1


Luckily though the evening temp was a not too hot 89 degrees with a little breeze. Not bad at all. So I ran 4 miles around our section with intervals to work on my speed. Overall it was a great run!


photo 2


My usual running partner was with me the whole way (although she is easily distracted by Jack Rabbits and birds). Whenever she scares up a varmint to chase she puts me to shame as far as speed goes and then runs back to me like, “geez you’re still all the way back here?”


photo 3


Today was a cross training day and tomorrow is a rest day, but I’ll probably go for a walk anyway.

What have you guys done the last couple days for exercise?