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Month: June 2014

Healthy Tropical Mango Smoothie

I love having a smoothie for breakfast or after a run to refuel. Usually I make green smoothies but lately I have been loving this delicious and simple smoothie. Click the post title for full printable recipe.

Trop Smoothie Ingred

Trop smoothie blend

Trop Smoothie blend2

Tropical smoothie

My boys love this smoothie and luckily it makes plenty to share!

smoothie jack

smoothie evan

smoothie jack 2

smoothie evan 2

Let me know if you try it and what you think!

Garden With Your Children

garden 11

When I was a little girl I stayed with my great grandmother every day. Every summer my brother and I got to help her plant a massive garden. She taught us so many things about planting and caring for a garden and I am still using that knowledge over 20 years later! Some of my fondest memories are of walking through that garden and eating fresh ripe veggies right off the plants.

Now I have my own children and we plant a garden every summer, each year adding a few more things we haven’t grown before. My boys are 3 years old and they have a blast planting, watering and caring for their plants!


garden 10

garden 1


Gardening with your children has so many benefits! It teaches them all about planting and growing fruits and vegetables. And caring for the garden all summer teaches them responsibility. Plus, I can tell you from experience that it is much easier to get them to eat vegetables that they have grown themselves.

Most importantly, it gives us something to do together outside and together as a family. Which is, in my opinion, very important in today’s world when there are so many things that distract us from each other.


garden 13


garden 12


So give it a try! Even if you only plant one tomato in a container the first year. I guarantee you’ll love it and your kids will love it too!


garden 20


garden 7


garden 5


garden 2


garden 3


garden 4


garden 17


garden 15


What are your favorite things to plant in the garden?


Stay tuned to see how are garden grows this year!